Single tickets for the HMF are on sale at Tiketti and Lippupiste.

All accommodation is sold with festival tickets which are being added to the accommodation price.
These tickets are available at Himos Holiday booking office. 

HimosLomat – Himos Holiday Ltd.
Call: +358 20 711 9230
Book accommodation and tickets online

The official ticket sellers for the event are Lippu.fi and Tiketti. The event organiser is not responsible for tickets purchased and sold through other channels, such as tickets purchased from a private individual.

Tickets are read electronically at the gates, so counterfeit tickets will not be admitted to the event. Please take good care of your ticket, as damaged or lost tickets will not be replaced. Tickets will also not be exchanged or refunded unless the event has to be rescheduled or cancelled.

It is also possible to buy tickets at the gate if the event is not sold out in advance.

If you want to buy your tickets with a cultural benefit offered by your employer, for example, please check Tiketti’s payment options.

If you are unable to attend the event, you can sell your tickets securely through the resale channels of Lippu.fin and Tiketti.

Tickets purchased from Lippu.fi at fanSALES.

Tickets purchased from Tiketti on LiputOn.

1-day and 2-day festival tickets and 1-day and 2-day VIP tickets are available.

1 DAY pe 79 €
1 DAY la 85 €
2 DAY 129 €
Vip 1 DAY pe 139 €
Vip 1 DAY la 149 €
Vip 2 DAY 219 €

NOTE! VIP seats are not accessible.

An assistant with reduced mobility will be admitted free of charge with an assistant’s ticket.

All tickets will be exchanged on the spot for wristbands.

All 1- and 2-day tickets and VIP tickets are on sale from March 15, 2023.

When purchasing a ticket, the buyer’s contact information will be collected so that we can inform you of any changes and safety issues. Customer information is not used for marketing purposes.

Entrance to the festival area and to the VIP area overlooking the main stage. Private bar and toilets, a generous VIP menu (one meal per day) and a VIP pass and wristband.

All tickets will be exchanged for wristbands on the spot. Normal tickets will be exchanged for wristbands and VIP tickets for a passport and wristband. Wristbands and passports are personal. They may not be given to another person and each person must exchange their own ticket.

Festival wristbands are used to leave and return to the site during the day.

Tickets are exchanged for wristbands at the wristband exchange points located in the Himos Center courtyard and near the entrance gate to the festival area. The wristband and passport exchange points for VIP tickets are located in the same place.

The wristband exchange points will open at 14.00.

Please check at the wristband exchange point that your wristband is securely fastened. It is also a good idea to check your VIP passport and lanyard. We will not replace broken or lost wristbands or VIP passes. As a VIP customer, please note that access to the VIP area requires both a VIP pass and a wristband. Only one of them is not allowed to enter the event or the VIP area.

In the event of disruption, we reserve the right to remove the wristband from the repeatedly disruptive customer. In such cases, we will not be obliged to replace the wristband.


HMF will be held in Himos Park, Himos, Jämsä.
Address: Länsi-Himoksentie 4, 42100 Jämsä
GPS: 61.8831, 2529027

The entire event area is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. Importing your own alcoholic beverages into the area is prohibited. The age limit for the event is 18 years.

Himos Park is well connected. The most convenient and environmentally friendly way to get to the festival area is by train and bus.

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  • Daytime parking is available near the festival area.
  • Parking spaces are sold on site.
  • Cars in the day parking area are not allowed to stay overnight, but have to go to the camping site.
  • Parking starts at 12 noon and ends at 12 noon the following day.

The age limit for the event is 18 years. Be prepared to prove your identity with a passport, driver’s license, or photo ID. An outdated passport is not valid as proof of identity.

The age limit of the event is observed both in the festival area, in the camping area, or nearby the event area.

Cottages, villas and room accommodation

You can stay in cabins, high level villas, caravan parks and a campsite in Himos.

Himos Holiday has hundreds of options for festival accommodation – from traditional cottage accommodation to large luxury villas, as well as room accommodation.

For HimosLoma accommodation (cottages and rooms) call +358 20 711 9230 or himosholiday@himosholiday.com

HMF guests have the first right for accommodation bookings and Himos Holiday expects that all accommodating guests have a valid festival ticket for the whole duration of the event.
Min. 2 tickets per room or 4 tickets per cottage are being charged with accommodation.

Camping and caravan site

The camping and caravan site is located approximately 600 metres from the festival area.
The area opens on Friday at 12 o’clock/Noon and closes on Sunday at 12 o’clock/Noon.
Camping and caravan pitches are on sale on Tiketti.

Note! All campers must have a 2-day festival ticket to enter the site. The ticket is being changed into a wristband upon arrival. Only 2-day camping and caravan places are on sale.

Tent & car 2 days, 45 €
Electric caravan place 2 days, 95 €

In all our activities, we strive to ensure that the festival, with its camping and caravan sites, is a safe environment for customers and staff. Health security is our priority.

We will inform you of potential new performers and more as soon as possible. Actively follow our social media channels Facebook and Instagram.

More detailed festival opening hours will be updated on the website later.

Event services and facilities

The cloakroom is located at the information desk next to the main gate. You can leave your extra items in the stash and visit it during the event if you need anything. The fee is €3 and €5 for a visit to the cloakroom.

You can only return items left in the stall with a cloakroom ticket. The organiser is not responsible for the loss of the ticket or any consequences that may arise. 

You will find the lost property point next to the main gate at the information desk.

The lost and found will be delivered to the Himos Center reception at the end of the event, where they can be collected on Sunday. The following week, the items will be delivered to Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu.

The largest toilet in Finland, located on Terrace Riemu, will be available to customers during the event.

During the festival, official photographers and videographers will be present in and around the event area. Their footage will be used for Himos Metal Festival’s marketing, social media, after-movie and website. The media will also be present and filming at the event.

Festival visitors’ own system cameras and video cameras are not allowed in the festival area. They may be used freely in the camping and cottage area. You may use your own phone to film in the festival area.

Festivaalikävijöiden omat järjestelmäkamerat ja videokamerat festivaalialueella ovat kiellettyjä. Leirintä- ja mökkialueella niitä saa vapaasti käyttää.  Festivaalialueella saa kuvata omalla puhelimella. 

Muista tägätä meidät mukaan @himosmetalfestival #hmf23!

Deposit cans and bottles are available in the event area. There is a separate deposit point in the area but you can also return your can/bottle to the bar counter.

Let’s get ourselves and our festival gang home safely! 

At Himos Center you can blow for 5€ during the opening hours of the restaurant. 

HMF festival-goers will be delighted with delicious and varied taste experiences! There will be food for all appetites, from the moment the gates open until the small hours of the night.

The nearest ATM is located in the centre of Jämsä.


Himos Park is an ideal venue in terms of accessibility, as it is paved throughout and is easily accessible. The main stage has its own wheelchair ramp, which is for wheelchair users only. Wheelchair access to the ground floor and first floor of the Terrace Restaurant Riemu. The VIP area is not fully accessible, there is no barrier-free access to the upper floors. 

Accessible toilets in the event area are located on the ground floor of the Terrace Restaurant Riemu and in Himos Hotel. The staff will open the doors to the toilets.

In the parking area next to the Himos Arena you will find disabled parking spaces.

An assistant with reduced mobility can enter free of charge with an assistant’s ticket. Please arrive at the ticket office at the same time, where you will receive your passes.


In everything we do, we strive to make the festival and its camping and caravan areas a safe environment for guests, staff and artists alike.

The safety of festival visitors is ensured by a large number of stewards. AiCan Security Ltd is responsible for the security of the area.

It is forbidden to bring items into the festival area:

  • System and video cameras (media filming permits through accreditation in advance)
  • Laptops and pads
  • Umbrellas
  • Bicycles, scooters and skateboards
  • Glass bottles and cans (regardless of content)
  • Alcohol products and other intoxicating substances
  • Firearms, bladed weapons and percussion weapons
  • Multi-purpose tools
  • Explosives, fireworks, flares, lasers
  • Pets
  • Camping chairs
  • Attention vests and jackets
  • Prams and pushchairs
  • Distribution of posters, flyers, etc. in the area
  • Crowd surfing is prohibited for safety reasons
  • Flags, banners and selfie sticks (stewards have the right to prohibit the carrying of flag and banner poles and sticks into the event area)

First Aid is located at the Himos Center.

Plain language

The second Himos Metal Festival will take place on 11.–12.8.2023. The event will be held in Himos.

The event is for adults only. Age limit applies in the festival area, camping area and the surrounding area of the event. Please be prepared to prove your identity with a passport, driving licence or photo ID.

Tickets for Himos Metal Festival are now on sale at Lippupiste and Tiketti.

2-day festival tickets and 2-day VIP tickets are available.

2 DAY 109 €
2 DAY VIP Sat 179 €

All tickets will be exchanged for wristbands. Himos Metal Festival also has a VIP ticket. VIP tickets are exchanged for wristbands and passports. The VIP ticket gives you access to the festival area and the VIP area. The VIP area has its own toilet. The VIP area is not fully accessible. Wristbands and passports are personal. Lost or broken wristbands or passports will not be replaced.

Himos Metal Festival will feature VV (Ville Valo), The 69 Eyes, Diablo and many more. See the full programme here.

In Himos you can stay in cottages, rooming houses, caravan and camping sites.

The sale of Himoslomat accommodation in cottages and rooms starts on Thursday 1.9.2022 at 09.00.

Book your accommodation by calling 0207119200.

Himos Park is easily accessible. Jämsä can be reached by train and bus. There is paid car parking at the event. There is a taxi rank near the festival area. There is a festival bus service around the Himos area. 

Himos Park is a fully asphalted and accessible area. The main stage has its own wheelchair ramp. There is a wheelchair access to the ground floor and first floor of the Terrace Restaurant Riemu. The VIP area is not fully accessible, there is no barrier-free access to the upper floors.

There are two accessible toilets in the event area. They are located on the ground floor of the Terrace Restaurant Riemu and in Himos Hotel. The staff will open the doors to the toilets. The map of the event area shows the locations of the disabled toilets.

The parking area next to the Himos Arena is where you will find disabled parking spaces.

A disabled person’s assistant can enter free of charge with a disabled person’s ticket. Please arrive at the same time at the event’s wristband exchange or information desk.